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30 June 2020
Press Release

Confronting the silent and endemic crisis of harmful practices

Urgent, accelerated action needed to stop female genital mutilation, child marriage, and other practices that harm women and girls, according to new UNFPA report  30 June 2020, NEW YORK--Every year,... Read more

30 June 2020

Five things you didn’t know about practices that harm girls

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Every day, hundreds of thousands of girls around the world are harmed physically or psychologically, with the full knowledge and consent of their families, friends and... Read more

3 June 2020
Sedia Mawolo, COVID-19 survivor

A Coronavirus survivor speaks of joy after childbirth

MONROVIA, Liberia- “I am filled with joy when I wake up in the morning to see my husband by my side; my newborn baby lying in her bed; and to be greeted by my other two children. It was like I... Read more

5 May 2020
A midwife attends to a newborn and mother, @UNFPA Liberia

Celebrating midwives, unsung heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on the International Day of the Midwife, 5 May 2020 As the world battles COVID-19, women continue to get pregnant and babies are still being... Read more

31 March 2020

Epi-surveillance and contact tracing key to breaking COVID-19 transmission in Liberia

On 16 March 2020, Liberia confirmed the presence of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within its borders. One week later, health authorities declared a public health emergency; requesting all... Read more

7 February 2020

Liberia: adolescents take advantage of information and services to prevent unplanned pregnancies

Patience was 15, when she decided to date a boy who was three years older than her. Few months later, she became pregnant. “My parents asked me to leave their house when they realized that I was... Read more

6 December 2019

"I rather be without a mother than to compromise my dignity": a rape survivor declares

Harriet is 17 years old. She was gang raped by three men in Kakata, Liberia in October 2019.  According to Harriet, she went out with friends in a nearby town. Late in the evening while returning... Read more

10 October 2019
Government of Liberia and UNFPA commit to ensuring a successful census in March 2021

UNFPA and Government of Liberia pledge to ensure a successful census in March 2021

In its 172 years history, Liberia has conducted four modern censuses which have all revealed a constantly growing population: 1.1 million in 1962; 1.5 million in 1974; 2.1 million in 1984 and 3.5... Read more

10 October 2019
A teenage mother along with her two children in Liberia

All-in-one injectable contraceptive, subcutaneous DMPA warms the hearts of women in rural Liberia

Access to voluntary family planning is a human right. Yet, family planning remains out of reach for so many women and girls in Liberia. Thirty-one percent of couple who want to prevent unplanned... Read more

3 October 2019
Dr. Bannet Ndyanabangi, UNFPA Representative

Empowered adolescent girls hold the key to ending poverty

“Liberia needs to invest in adolescent girls in ways that empower them to make important life decisions and equip them to one day earn a living, and engage in the affairs of their communities,” said... Read more